Metro Detroit first time home buyer tips Part 6 – tips and tricks on how to keep the information straight

So as a Metro Detroit first time home buyer you are checking out all the updates, the major items, thinking about how the home fits your family.  But how do you keep all the information straight?  At the end of the showings how do you remember what you saw.

Here are my tricks and tips to make you look like a professional Metro Detroit home buyer.

  1. Keep notes on each house as you go thru it.  Why you like it, what needs work, the good and the bad about the house.  When you get in the car write everything you can about the house.
  2. Knick name the house.  The “pink room” house.  Or the “70’s house” with the shag carpeting.  Or the “fish tank” house.  Knick naming the house will help you keep them straight.  After seeing 6 houses it becomes confusing.  All the houses run together.
  3. If you don’t like the house.  Leave  the house, get rid of the paperwork or cross it off.   One less to think about.
  4. Take pictures if necessary to remember the good houses.
  5. As you go thru the day continually rank the homes.  Which house is number one.  After you see one and like it then it is number one.  After you see two houses.  One is number one and number two.  As you go through the day have one two and three rankings.
  6. If you look on multiple days keep ranking the homes 1,2, and 3.  Know which ones you like each day.  Take the time to talk about it at night with your significant other.
  7. Write down all the pluses and minuses of each home on single piece of paper.  That way you can look at all of them on one single sheet.

I hope these tips help make your experience as Metro Detroit first time home buyer easier.  Write it down and make your life easier.





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