Metro Detroit area Lakes

The Metro Detroit area has lots of great lakes for fishing, boating and swimming.  All within an hour drive of Downtown Detroit.  Years ago instead of going up north people had lake cottages on these lakes.  Remember years ago when the roads weren’t paved it may have taken 2 – 3 hours to get to a Livingston County lake or Washtenaw County lake.  Now some of those old lake cottages have been torn down to become beautiful lake front properties.  There were 122 Oakland County Lakefront homes that were price over a million dollars when I looked last.

If you are looking to buy a Metro Detroit area lake front home give me a call.  I will send you a homes for sale list that fits your criteria.  Or you can search homes yourself or get daily, weekly, or monthly emails of listings sent to your computer.  Join my VIP Lake home search club and see what is for sale on which lake.

Here are all the local lake Maps that the DNR has maps of.

OaklandCounty Lakes Livingston County Lakes Washtenaw County Lakes Wayne County Lakes
Alderman LakeAlgoe LakeBald Eagle LakeBass LakeBass Lake (Version 2)

Beaty Lake

Bevins Lake

Big Lake

Big Seven Lake

Big Silver Lake

Big Walters Lake

Bogie Lake

Bush Lake

Carroll Lake

Cass Lake

Cedar (stringy Lakes)

Cedar (Stringy Lakes) (Version 2)

Cedar Island Lake

Cemetery Lake

Chamberlain Lake

Chittenden Lake

Clear (stringy Lakes)

Clear (Stringy Lakes) (Version 2)

Commerce Lake

Cooley Lake

Cranberry Lake

Cranbrook Lake

Crescent Lake

Crooked Lake

Crotche Lake

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake (Version 2)

Deep Lake

Deer Lake

Dickinson Lake

Duck Lake

Eagle Lake

East Bridge Lake

East Graham Lake

Echo Lake

Elizabeth Lake

Elkhorn Lake

Fenton Trout Ponds (#1)

Fenton Trout Ponds (#2)

Foley Pond

Galloway Lake

Geneva Lake

Gilbert Lake

Grass Lake

Grass Lake (Version 2)

Gravel Lake

Gravel Pit

Green Lake

Greens Lake

Hart Lake

Hartwig Lake

Haven Hill Lake

Heron Lake

Hidden Lake

Holdridge Lake (east)

Holdridge Lake (west)

Honeywell Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Huntoon Lake

Island Lake

Kent Lake

Kregor Lake

Lake Louise

Lake Orion

Lake Sixteen

Lakeville Lake

Leggets Lake

Leggets Lake (Version 2)

Little Lake

Little Morgan Lake

Little Seven Lake

Little Silver Lake

Long (stringy Lakes)

Long (Stringy Lakes) (Version 2)

Long Lake

Long Lake (Version 2)

Loon Lake

Loon Lake (Version 2)

Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake (Version 2)

Lower Pettibone Lake

Lower Proud Lake

Lower Straits Lake

Maceday Lake

Maceday Lake (Version 2)

Mandon Lake

Meadow Lake

Middle Straits Lake

Milford Lake

Mill Lake

Mohawk Lake

Moore Lake

Narrin Lake

No Name Lake

Oakland Lake

Oakland Lake (Version 2)

Orange Lake

Orchard Lake

Oxbow Lake

Parke Lake

Pettibone Trout Pond

Phipps Lake

Pickerel Lake

Pine Lake

Pleasant Lake

Pontiac Lake

Prince Lake

Rattalee Lake

Reed Lake

Robinson Lake

Round Lake

School House Lake

Scott Lake

Seymour Lake

Shoe Lake

Simonson Lake

Sodon Lake

Spring Lake

Square Lake

Square Lake (Version 2)

Squaw (stringy Lakes)

Squaw (Stringy Lakes) (Version 2)

Stewart Lake

Stony Creek Impoundment

Stony Lake

Strawberry Lake

Sugden Lake

Sylvan & Botter Lakes

Tamarack Lake

Tamarack Lake (Version 2)

Tan (stringy Lakes)

Tan (Stringy Lakes) (Version 2)

Teeple Lake

Tipsico Lake

Townsend Lake

Union Lake

Upper Pettibone Lake

Upper Proud Lake

Upper Straits Lake

Valley Lake

Walled Lake

Waterbury Lake

Watkins Lake

West Bridge Lake

West Graham Lake

White Lake

Wildwood Lake

Williams Lake

Wolverine Lake

Woodhull Lake

Wormer Lake


Appleton LakeBain LakeBase Line LakeBass LakeBass Lake (Version 2)

Bennett Lake

Big Portage Lake

Bishop Lake

Briggs Lake

Cedar Lake

Chilson Pond

Clark Lake

Clough Lake

Coon Lake

Cordley Lake

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake (Version 2)

Deidrich Lake

Driscoll Lake

Duck Lake

Fish Lake

Fonda Lake

Frog Lake

Gallagher Lake

Gosling Lake

Grumelot Ponds

Hiland Lake

Hoffman Lake

Hoisington Lake

Howe Lake

Inchwagh Lake

Indian Lake

Island Lake

Island Lake

Island Lake (Version 2)

Lake Chemung

Lake Tyrone

Lime Lake

Lime Lake (Version 2)

Limekiln Lake

Little Appleton Lake

Little Crooked Lake

Little Long Lake

Lobdell Lake

Long Lake

Louis Lake

Lower Chilson Pond

Lyons Lake

Maltby Lake

McIntyre Lake

Monahan Lake

Moon Lake

Mud Lake

Murray Lake

Neff Lake

Oak Grove Mill Pond

Ore Lake

Pardee Lake

Patterson Lake

Pinckney Mill Pond

Pleasant Lake

Pleasant Lake (Version 2)

Reed Lake

Round Lake

Ryan Lake

Sandy Bottom Lake

School Lake

Sheets Lake

Silver Lake

Spring Mill Pond

Strawberry Lake

Tamarack Lake

Teahan Lake

Thmas Lake

Thompson Lake

Watson Lakes

Whitewood Lakes

Whitmore Lake

Williamsville Lake

Winans Lake

Woodland Lake

Zukey Lake


Argo LakeBarton LakeBig Silver LakeBlind LakeBounce Lake

Bounce Lake (Version 2)

Bruin Lake

Canfield Lake

Cassidy Lake

Cavanaugh Lake

Cedar Lake

Clark Lake

Columbia Lake

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake (Version 2)

Cunningham Lake

Dead Lake

Doyle Lake

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake (Version 2)

Ellsworth Lake

First Sister Lake

Ford Lake

Four Mile Lake

Frain Lake

Geddes Lake

Gorman Lake

Green Lake

Half Moon Lake

Half Moon Lake (Version 2)

Hankard Lake

Hinchey Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Independence Lake

Iron Lake

Island Lake

Joslin Lake

Kelly Lake

Lake Inventory Map

Little Cedar Lake

Little Portage Lake

Little Silver Lake

Long Lake

Mill Lake

Mirror Lake

Mud Lake

Murray Lake

North Lake

Papermill Lake

Park Lake

Peet’s Lake

Pendergast Lake

Pickerel Lake

Pleasant Lake

Silver Lake

Snyder Lake

Snyder Lake (Version 2)

South Lake

South Lake (Version 2)

Sugar Loaf Lake

Sullivan Lake

Superior Lake

Sylvan Pond #1

Sylvan Pond #2

Sylvan Pond #3

Sylvan Pond #4

Third Sister Lake

Third Sister Lake (Version 2)

Tobin Lake

Trambly Lake

Walsh Lake

West Lake

Wild Goose Lake

Wild Lake

Winnewana Lake

Belleville LakeFlat Rock LakeFlat Rock Lake (Version 2)StoneWater

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