Lowering your Michigan property taxes

What is the best proof when going into the local board of review or going to talk to city assessors?  Is it comparables from your local Michigan Realtor or is it an appraisal?  I honestly don’t know what the assessor or the local board of review likes the most.  But I believe the key to lowering your Michigan property taxes is having written proof spelling out your position.  What you should include in your written proof are these items:

  1. Use only Michigan homes sold in the time frame specified by the tax assessor.  Usually the date is from Nov 1 to Oct 31 of the previous year you are fighting.  Call your local tax assessor to get the dates they use.
  2. Use only homes that are like yours in style, age, lot size.
  3. Value adjustments for differences in the sold homes and your home.
  4. Use homes first in your subdivision and then close to your home.
  5. Don’t use foreclosures.
  6. Be specific and give a firm figure on what you think your Michigan home is worth.

If you can get a local Realtor to pull sold comparables for you for a smaller price than what an appraiser will charge then I myself would go the cheaper route.   A home appraisal can cost from $250 to $350 and you should be able to get the same information from a Michigan Realtor.   So long as you have the good solid written proof you have a decent chance of lowering your Michigan property taxes.

For More information on how to fight your Michigan property taxes click here

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