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Livonia School District

Livonia´s students benefit from two excellent public school systems. Livonia Public Schools and theClarenceville School District.  The majority of Livonia residents go to Livonia Public Schools.

Livonia Public schools has:

  • 3 high schools, Stevenson High School (Students: 2112; Location: 33500 W. 6 MILE ROAD; Grades: 9 – 12), Churchill High School (Students: 2171; Location: 8900 NEWBURGH ROAD; Grades: 9 – 12), and Franklin High School (Students: 1767; Location: 31000 JOY ROAD; Grades: 9 – 12)
  • 3 Middle schools:Emerson, Frost, and Holmes
  • Over 16 elementary schools: Cooper, Johnson, Webster, Riley, Cass, Cleveland, Buchanan, Coolidge, Garfield, Grant, Hayes, Hoover, Kennedy, Randolph, Roosevelt, Rosedale

Some of Livonia Public Schools highlights:

    • Foreign language classes beginning in 6th grade.
    • The largest PTA/PTSA membership in the state
    • Before and after-school childcare, including Kindergarten.
    • State renowned programs to meet children’s special needs.
    • The Livonia Schools’ MEAP scores are above state averages.
    • Community and business partnerships to prepare students for college and career success.
    • A Gifted program offered from 1st through 12th grades.
    • First in the state to receive the highest Level 8 Physical Education Award from the Governor’s Council.
    • 89% of high school students attend higher education after graduation.
    • All schools have updated facilities for technology and athletics.
    • Schools are NCA accredited and meet state accreditation standards.
    • Suburban school district with its own Career Technical Center, offering diverse programs from computer network administration to sports medicine.
    • College preparatory Career Intern program, one of only 25 in the United States.
    • Young Fives preparatory Kindergarten for children not quite ready for regular Kindergarten.
    • The LPS Foundation expands the resources available to the school district in order to increase educational opportunities for children.


Livonia also has 6 parochial elementary schools, and 1 parochial senior high school.   Here is a information site for Livonia’s private schools

Livonia Universities Madonna University and Community College are located in Livonia. Davenport, Phoenix have satellite branch univeristies.

Livonia has three municipal libraries spread out through the city.

For more Livonia information on schools here are some outside websites

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