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Well you say a top agent will take your Livonia home listing way over the current sold prices in the neighborhood.   Sure they will.  Even the top mega agents take over priced listings.  They don’t care.  It is one more place for their sign, face, and phone number to be.  They hope to beat you down in price over time.  They usually have the seller prepped that if they get no offers that they will lower the price every few weeks.

Livonia subdivisions
Livonia subdivisions

Neighborhoods in Livonia Michigan

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At some point your house will sell and they hope to keep you as a seller.  They will tell you that they think the home will sell at $250,000 even though you want to price it a $295,000.  They will take the listing.  Any agent would.  But is it the smartest thing to do……….for you?

Think of it this way……When do you get the most traffic?

You get the most traffic when your house first comes out.  It comes out new and everybody is excited to see it.  Then they see it and realize it is way over priced for the condition or the subdivision.  So they don’t put in an offer.  It is too high to do an offer yet.  So your house sits a month.  Then the agent asks you to reduce your price.  Here is another Livonia home selling tip Retiring and selling your Metro Detroit home

You bring it down, but the number of people looking at it is much less.  It is still overpriced for the subdivision and for the condition it is in.  So you get a handful of lookers, but no offers.    In this Metro Detroit real estate market you should be getting offers within 30 days if your home is priced right.  So your house sits another 30 days before your real estate agent asks you to lower your price again.  So you lower your price again.  Now it is finally down to where the listing price should have been in the beginning.

Livonia homes for sale

Now your home is priced right but it has been on the market a long time.  WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN?  If you are a buyer and a Livonia home has been sitting on the market a long time aren’t you going to make a lower offer?  That is what the buyer is thinking!  The home is sitting for a long time….it is ripe for a low ball offer.  The owner will sell it or sell it for lower because it has been sitting so long.  You are tired of showings, you want to move on after 3 months, so what do you do?  Accept their offer?

So now you have an offer below what you could have sold it for in the beginning?  So how do you want to price your house?  Realistically or way above the market?  How do much do you want to get for your Livonia home?  Do you want to dream about an unrealistic price and hold onto your Livonia home for 3-4 months and keep it ready to show?  Or do you want to sell it for the top end of the current market prices and be done with showings in a month?  It’s your choice.  What will you choose to do?

Our real estate market is always changing so feel free to call me for an update about Livonia real estate.  We have sold many homes in Livonia in the last year.  So give me a call on my cell phone to get your home sold (248) 310-6239.

Some Livonia home buyer tips for first time home buyers or experienced home buyer.  If you are moving to Michigan there are so many great cities in both Wayne County and Oakland County.  Cities that are safe and have good schools.  Here is a Michigan relocation guide – highway drive time.  If you like a lake home then these Lakefront home buying tips – Lake Orion lakefront homes may help you.  The more you know about the home buying process the easier the purchase of your next home may be.

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