Lake homes on all sports Upper Straits Lakes in West Bloomfield MI

Knowing what type of lakefront home and lake you are looking for is important when looking for your dream lake home.  That is why as a lake realtor I ask so many questions when I meet lake home buyers.  If I understand what you want to do on the lake, how much entertaining you are going to do, whether you have kids or grandkids is all important in determining which lake is right for you and your family.  I once had a client that had a 34′ boat.  I had to explain that there really was no lake in Oakland County that a 34′ boat be right on.  The lakes in OC are just too small.

If a more prestigious lake in West Bloomfield with bigger homes is what you are looking for then maybe this could be one of the lakes you should be looking at in W Bloomfield.  You may want a lake that there are going to be more luxury estate homes than old shoddy cottages.  A lake that you are going to find that the norm is nicer, well kept, updated homes rather than beat up junky homes.  Then Upper Straits Lake in W Bloomfield may be for you.  You are going to find luxurious custom built homes all over the lake.  There are a few CEO’s of companies, and a rock musician that live on the lake.  It is a great lake where the home owners take care of their properties.

Upper Straits Lake

Upper Straits Lake aerial view

One of the many beautiful estate style luxury lake homes – not for sale

It is still a lake with mixed bag home styles….. where there is no uniformity to homes.  You may have a 1500 square foot brick ranch home next to a 3000 square foot colonial.  There will be all types and styles of homes next to you.  It’s not going to be like a subdivision in Northville or Rochester.  Oakland County Lakes are not like subdivisions.  They are a mixed bag of homes. Different home styles, ages, sizes, exteriors side by side. Each home has it’s own character.

Another beautiful view of the lake

Private or public?  All sports lake or quiet electric motor lake?  Big or small?  Upper Straits Lake in Oakland County is a private all sports lake.  It is about 323 acres in size which is a decent sized lake for SE Michigan.  It is a glacial formed lake with the deepest spot of 98 feet.  Some of the lake lies in West Bloomfield, and some in Orchard Lake Village.  Most of the roads around the lake are paved though some are gravel.   The children on the school go to either Walled Lake schools, or West Bloomfield schools.  A large portion of Upper Straits Lake lies in Orchard Lake Village.  So the lake lies in both communities.

Let’s go boating

The lake lies in both Orchard Lake Village and in West Bloomfield Township.  It is about 1.7 miles in length, and the perimeter is 6.24 miles.  It is the headwaters for the Huron River System.  It is spring fed and fed from run off.  Private associations control 4 boat ramps.  There is one slalom ski course.  There is no central lake associations.  There are several large subdivisions with associations that cover their little area of the lake.  It is one of the big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield.  It is also one of the large private lakes in West Bloomfield.  That is why so many people love Upper Straits Lake.

Ready to catch a big bass

Another aerial view of the lake

There are going to be some wild variances in the characteristics of the lake homes because there are some very, very large custom built luxury estate homes on the lake.  Here are some of the characteristics of the homes on Upper Straits Lake in West Bloomfield

  • some are on wells and some are on municipal water (depends on where you live on the lake)
  • some homes are on septic and others are on sewers
  • number of bedrooms range from 1 to 6
  • 1-9 bathrooms
  • 0-5 car garages
  • built from 1920 to 2018
  • 850 square feet to over 9000+ square feet

Would you like this view this year

You will find homes that sit on small 40′ wide lots on the lake to homes that sit on several acres on the lake.  You are not going to find any home with acreage for a small price.  You are going to pay dearly for a large lot on Upper Straits Lake.  That is one of the biggest misconceptions of first time lake home buyers.  Lake homes have a large premium for being on a lake.  A regular 1980’s built 2500 square foot colonial in the suburbs may have a $250,000 to $300,000 price difference to a home on the lake.  If it is a premium all sports lake it could be double what a home is worth in a city sub.  Then if you have a large lot add in even more money.

Find your dream lake home this year

Finding a lake home is not always easy.  There are so many more variables when looking at lake homes.  Plus there is a significant price difference between a lake home and a home off the lake.  Feel free to reach out with any questions anytime.  If you would like to know what lake homes are for sale on Upper Straits Lake in West Bloomfield or on any lake in Oakland County give me a call, text, or email.  My cell is (248) 310-6239 or

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

Homes for sale on lakes in West Bloomfield MI

Here is a list of Northville rental homes if you are looking.  When buying a home sometimes the real estate lingo and mortgage lingo is confusing.  To save you a little trouble of learning a few new words.  If you are getting a mortgage here is what escrows mean.  When looking for a lake home you may want a lake that has more of a subdivision feel.  Hidden Lake in Green Oak Township is a beautiful planned community.  The lake was once a quarry that has been transformed into one of the prettiest lake communities along the 23 corridor.  You are not too far from Brighton or Ann Arbor when you life there.  Here is one more quick tip to SE Michigan foreclosure buyers

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