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I have been taking a young family out looking at houses in Northville for a couple of weeks.  We were putting offers in but we lost a couple of them because there were multiple bids.  There seemed to be quite a bit of action on Northville foreclosures and Canton foreclosures lately.  But we finally won one.

That’s when the problems started.  The house had been “winterized”.  We got the water turned back on only to find out that the home had not been winterized correctly.  In Michigan banks winterize the plumbing in order to save money by not heating the house.  They drain the pipes and put some anti-freeze in the traps.  If is not done on time there will be broken pipes, drywall damage, and buckled floors in the worst cases.  This house showed no signs of water damage or frozen pipes.  But there were all sorts of leaks in the plumbing system because the pipes froze.  So we quickly shut the water off.

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So I called the listing agent and sent over an addendum requesting the pipes be fixed before we do the inspection.   You can’t get a FHA loan if the water isn’t turned on.  Well it seems there was a little mix up between the asset manager and the listing agent on when the winterization was supposed to take place.  So nobody was doing anything with the addendum and we couldn’t move forward with the inspection.

So for ten days we went back and forth with the listing agent on what was happening.  The listing agent didn’t want to ask for the authorization to spend the money because of the issue of who was at fault for the problem.  Well finally I asked her if she would like to use my inexpensive plumber to fix the problem instead of the high priced plumber she usually used.  Finally she agreed to pay my plumber to get the house fixed.

So finally we are moving forward on the home purchase.  Problem solved by simply providing a reasonable Northville plumber.

Russ Ravary

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