Johnny Carson!

On this day October 23rd 1925, a entertainment icon was born…. Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson, grew into his fame over the course of over 40 years in the entertainment business. while starting in radio and quickly transferring over to TV, hosting a game show which was very popular at the time.

Who Do You Trust? This game show opened yet another door for Carson and appeared on The Tonight Show, as a substitute host, for Jack Paar. in ’62 Carson took over permanent hosting duties and that’s when his fame and success truly took off, probably to heights he had never imagined possibly. While Carson hosted the show, he invited all different celebrities and special acts to join him on the stage. whether that was movie stars, television stars, athletes, politicians, signers, comedians, and even animal acts. This opened the door for many people and for others kept that door open and relevant. Carson helped many peoples careers in doing this and maintained if not grew his own career even further.  once Carson felt it was time to retire from the stage, which in one opportunity gave him a life that was glamorously unexpected, he passed it on to someone all the younger kids may be slightly more familiar with….Jay Leno. Jay took over in ’92, and remained the host until 2014. Jimmy Fallon is Currently the house and with his SNL background brings laughs every episode. unfortunately Carson was unable to see the shows development, as he passed away January of 2005. Carson made just a basic talk show something everyone could enjoy. A show that your family can watch and laugh together, a show that made you feel as if you were in the audience all while sitting in your living room. Johnny Carson will forever be remembered for the amazing things he did for the entertainment world, and for the families that watched. Here’s to Johnny Carson, Happy Birthday!

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