Is my chain being yanked?

That’s what my buyer asked me the other day.  We had put in an offer on a Novi home early in the morning and in the afternoon the listing agent called me and said they had received another offer.  They wanted to know if we wanted to up our offer.

Well I have to call my buyer to tell him that.  He thought it was a lie.  Unfortunately we don’t know whether the agent is telling the truth or not.  Ethically real estate agents are not supposed to lie about having another offer.  But does it happen.  Yes all the time.  There are a few agents that I know that if you put in an offer with them they will always call you.  There is always another offer.  It always happens.  Those agents I know by name.  I sometimes warn my buyers up front that is what is going to happen.

We just don’t know if there is another offer or not.  We don’t know if it is a higher offer or not.   We know nothing other than the other agent told us there was another offer.

On this piece of Novi real estate I don’t know.  But as a home buyer you have to decide how bad you want the property.  I can’t decide that for you.   Are you willing to keep looking?  Is it just an average house?  Are there lots more to chose from?  If so then stand pat.  It’s like poker you can’t tell if the other side is bluffing or not.

Will you get a full house or not?


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