Independence Township Foreclosures as of 3-7-13

“If the foreclosure you are looking at is a good deal at list price, don’t bid too low or somebody else is going to win the house. Recognize all the concessions you are asking for.  Realize how weak or how strong your offer is.  The stronger the offer the more likely you are to win the bid over other offers.” That’s what I tell my clients who are looking for a Independence Township foreclosure or any other foreclosure for that matter. But here is some information for those looking for Independence Township foreclosures: Currently there are 9 Independence Township foreclosures on the market, with an average time on the market of only 25 days. See the list below for more information on these foreclosures. They range from $34,900 to $324,900 so you have a wide range to choose from.

4751 RATTEK RD 2 3 1504 N N 145X300 23.20
7080 FELIX DR 1 3 995 N Y X 55.17
8580 N ESTON RD 2 4 1200 Y Y IRREGULAR 74.91
5553 DVORAK ST 1 3 1212 N Y 100X150 82.42
8735 LAKEVIEW BLVD 1 2 1152 N Y 70X127 147.48
10300 REESE RD 2.1 3 2171 Y Y IRREGULAR 96.68
4548 SEDONA DR 3.1 4 3314 Y Y 139X240 82.74
7060 SCENIC RIDGE   DR 3.2 4 3658 Y Y 178X358 79.96
6886 HUBBARD CIR 2.1 5 2608 Y Y 98X156X156X216 124.57

If you, or anyone you know, would like more information regarding real estate and foreclosures, please feel free to give me a call. I have a vast knowledge of both and am happy to share that with you. My cell phone number is 248-310-6239 or email me at

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