I’m not dead yet

Yes people my age do use the computer!  I just turned fifty this year, but I am still learning.  People my age and older do surf the internet.  Sure we did not grow up with the computer.  I remember when there were punch cards for computer programs in college.  I remember when I first started on the computer I didn’t know what “cut and paste” was.  Now it is a basic task to me.  Many of us have been taught how to do things by our children.  Some of us hate the computer, some love it.  It allows us to communicate with our friends, children, and grandchildren in ways never thought possible 50 years ago.

I have become a computer geek over the years.  I really jumped in about 3 years ago head first.  I am on my space, face book, linked in and lots of other social networking sites.  I am still learning so much.  I know a lot about getting my website to show up on Google searches but to write a computer program or design a website or fix a virus I have no clue.  I call in the experts.  But I can’t live without the technology now days.

I post listings, I blog, I interact daily with people I have never seen or verbally talked to.  Some are friends.  Technology is an amazing thing.  To me it is still great to hear ” I found you on the internet”  How strange is that for a guy over 50 to hear.

I have had a senior citizen find one of my blogs and call me to buy a house.  They live in a nice little condo near their children after moving from out of state.  They had no idea what Metro Detroit real estate was like.  They had no clue whether they wanted to live in Canton or Plymouth or Livonia.  They surfed the net and researched on line and they love their home.  It was exactly what they wanted in a home in a town that fit their lifestyle.  That is what is great about the internet.  The information you can find.

The net is an amazing place.  I have meet some great clients that I would have never known.  They just picked up the phone and called me and said ” I found you on the net”

Yes I may not know everything about computers but I am using them as much as possible and it is helping me and clients connect.  It is a wonderful thing.

Russ Ravary

My quote of the day is

The most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if the foul up there’s no law against whacking them around a bit

Eric Porterfield


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