I think my wife is trying to kill me

She made me breakfast the other morning. My wife Marianne is Italian and loves to cook.  But she tends to overdo on the amount of food.  There is only one of me.

At dinner my plates are overflowing.  Yes I said plates.  I many times get two different plates full of food plus bread.  Well this morning she asked me if I wanted breakfast.  So I didn’t want a lot so I said no toast, no sausage or bacon.  I wanted to keep it small this morning.  Just an omelet and nothing else I said.

So this is what I got.

Marianne Ravary

This omelet was over an inch tall!  Even my wife was laughing because she knew I wanted a “smaller” breakfast.  She really died when I said I was going to take a picture of it.

Marianne Akers-Ravary cooking

This omelet had mushrooms, tomatoes, lots of cheese, hungarian hot pepper, onion, sausage (yes see didn’t make it on the side, she put the four sausages in the omelet).  Like most ethnic cooks she doesn’t know what a small portion is.  She loves to cook!

So now I am going to have to be on a diet here this summer because I am gaining so much weight again.   PS I had to make two breakfasts out of this omelet.

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