I still hate short sales

but I have 5 deals going with Michigan short sales.  The Novi Condo that I have for sale as a short sale is getting close to closing.  No matter how hare you push banks and lenders take their sweet time.

Sometimes you won’t even get a call back for a week.  But persistence is the key and getting them the documentation they need quickly is what you have to do.  I am even going to take the step of Fed Ex’ing the CFO and bank president asking them for help on a Michigan short sale that is now in the fourth month.  We don’t get any answers from the bank’s representative and I keep on getting asked for contract extensions but I am not getting anything from the bank.

I hope to at least get an answer yes or no so my Michigan home buyer can move on with their life.  It is a sad situation when you have a home buyer that has cash, has a verbally accepted offer but can’t get any farther than that in 4 months.  No wonder banks and lenders are in the situation they are in.

Is anybody out there????  Hello Mr Banker are you listening?  We have the cash to buy your Michigan foreclosure


Russ Ravary

just a Michigan realtor trying to help buy your Michigan foreclosure for my client



short sales

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