I am sick and tired of all these banks

What is wrong with our system.  I just learned that our banks applied for 21,800 visas to hire foreign workers last year.  What is going on?  Our economy is collapsing, we have so many people out of work yet banks are hiring foreigners to take American jobs because they will work for less.  It is a sad situation when we as American taxpayers have given money to help keep the banks in business then they give us the big “up yours” and try to hire foreigners when American’s need the work.

Sad, sad, sad.  First they give out Million dollars of bonuses, then one of them wants to buy another jet, another redecorates their office to the tune of a million dollars, and now this.  We as tax payers are getting the royal shaft.  If the banks don’t want to support us American workers then screw them.   Let them go under.

I think next time they line up for money they should be required to have the same conditions the auto industry got.  No corporate jets, no hiring of foreign workers, a cap on bonuses.   A restructuring of pay.  Send me their new business plan.  I’ll cut out those over paid bonuses and perks.

The time has come for America to hire unemployed Americans that are willing to take the job at that pay.  Let’s make that a law.  Let there be some substantial penalties for exporting our jobs.  There are so many unemployed Americans that are willing to work, that have the necessary job skills, that need the money.  Listen up Congress.  Listen up Senate.  The masses are getting excited about your giveaways.  Protect our workers stop the exportation of our money to foreign workers and jobs.



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