How to sell your Michigan home

When you are trying to sell your Metro Detroit Home you have to be smart.  You have to put yourself in the shoes of a Metro Detroit Home buyer. 

If you were the Metro Detroit Home buyer would you not be putting in a low offer?  Wouldn’t you be looking for the best deal?  Of course you would?  You as the seller should be looking at what homes like yours in your area have sold for in the last 6 months.  Every few months you need to ask for a new set of recently sold homes in the last 6 months to keep abreast of the market.

Believe it or not I had an agent send me comps of a home that sold last August.  Since last August home prices have probably fallen 5%.

What are you crazy?  The Metro Detroit real estate market is falling.  Southeastern Michigan home prices are falling every month.  So if you bought a home in the last two years why would you think it is worth more now.  Believe it or not I looked at a home that was listed for $83,000 more than they bought it for last year.  They thought it increased 10% in this falling home market in less than one year.

What are you crazy?

If you truly want to sell your home you have to be realistic, accept the market prices, and price your Metro Detroit Hometo sell.  Or take it off the market.  Why waste everybody’s time.

Unfortunately many Michigan real estate agents take over priced listings and don’t sit down with the clients and tell them the truth.   I would love to get you that unrealistic price but that’s impossible in this market.  I would also like to sell your home so you get get on with your life.

Keep and open mind and adjust your home price to the market or save yourself the grief.  Pull your home off the market.

My quote of the day:

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”                 Helen Keller


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