How to sell your home with pets


vv Your dog stinks……….. and there is no way my buyers are going to buy your White Lake Township house when it smells so bad. About a week ago I took my clients in to see a White Lake Township house and the house STANK of DOG!Now we know YOU LOVE YOUR DOG, but it’s your dog.

Selling a home with pets can be a challenge because not pets are… well pets. Buyers do not like homes that smell of dog.  Especially wet dog

When they smell dog, they look around. They see the scratched up floors, damaged moldings and carpeting that is dirty from your lovable pet. They see the hair all over the floor from the shedding dog. If you don’t bother to keep the carpets clean or the house smelling clean, then the buyers wonder if the dog has urinated or pooped in the house. Then they get the “willies”, that shudder that comes from thinking how dirty and nasty is this house? They make a bee line to the door without ever seeing the whole house.

Most pet owners will deny that their home smells. They have lived with the smell so long that they do not realize it. They are used to dog hair on their clothes and furniture. Pets are part of their life. So if you really want to sell your house when you have a pet, have a pet-less friend come over. Ask them if there is a smell. Tell them to be honest. The keys to selling your White Lake Township when you have a dog is: ·

  • Clean, sweep, and vacuum the hair up before every showing
  • Get the dog hair off the couch and the furniture
  • Get your carpets cleaned and deodorized before you list
  • Clean the bottom part of the walls where your dog rubs up against
  • Mop the floors if your dog drools
  • Fix the moldings that your dog has scratched up

Somehow you need your house to smell great in order for buyers to buy. A smelly house is going to bring a lower price than one in the same condition that doesn’t smell. A smelly house scares buyers. They think of all the work involved. They even wonder if they will ever get the smell out.

The next trick is to try to make your dog invisible if you can. Take them for a walk or a car ride during showings. Put away their dog bowls. If your dog has chewed the carpet, torn out a screen, clawed the drywall or moldings fix it before you list the home. No buyer likes a stinky house, even if they love dogs they won’t like the smell.

I hope these 2 Metro Detroit home sellers tips How to sell your Metro Detroit home quick and Temperature of your home – Michigan home selling tips help you sell your home quicker and for more money.  After all that is our goal isn’t it?  We want you to get top dollar for your home so you can move on to your next home with some money in your wallet.  We sell over a home a week can we help get your sold?  Give me a call at (248) 310-6239.

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