How to make your Metro Detroit area home easier to sell

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With fewer buyers and lower prices the key to selling your home is to get as many potential buyers in the door.  Here is how to sell your home.  Make it accessible.  Make it easy to show.  Nothing is more frustrating to any agent than to have to re-arrange the showing schedule because they have to meet some seller or listing agent at a certain house at a specific time.

metro detroit home sellers tips It takes time to set up all the showings.  Sometimes up to an hour.  And to do it all over again to suit one home seller sometimes makes that home seller lose out.  “sure they will re-schedule to suit you”  I would bet 90% of the time they never re-schedule.

If the seller has to be there to let the buyer in, or you have your listing agent there when somebody comes to look at your Metro Detroit home.  Then you are losing showings.   Put a lock box on the home.

Sometimes it just is not possible to see the home or to re-arrange our buyer’s schedule to meet you or your agent at a specific time.  I myself work with a lot of Michigan relocation buyers.  We have sometimes only have 2 or 3 days to find a house.  So if we are seeing Novi homes in the morning and Plymouth homes for sale in the afternoon its tough to change it completely around.  But you can only let us into your Novi home in the afternoon we may pass on your home.   We sometimes just don’t have time to run out of our way.

And sometimes can not change our whole schedule to fit your schedule.  It is the sellers job to make their home convenient to show.  If I had to call ten different showing agents to change the schedule to see your Novi home in the morning.  Then they have to remake their scheduling calls to their sellers and then call me back.  Then it may not work for them.  Too much work.

Showing homes is imprecise.  Sometimes we are running behind or sometimes we are ahead of schedule.  That is why we ask to see homes in a hour window.  (ie from 2-3).  It’s like  “Survivor”  if we have to meet somebody at a time that is inconvenient or throws our route off, you may get “kicked off” our house tour.

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Many times when we as buyers agent explain this to our buyer that we have to give up seeing two houses to go backtrack to see one.  They say forget it.  Unless your home was on the “I gotta see this home” inconveniencing the buyer and not having your home available may cost you selling your home to relocation buyers and other buyers.

So put a lock box on when you list a home.  It enable more buyers to see your home.  And in this metro Detroit real estate market you need every person possible to look at your home.

Russ Ravary your Wayne County Realtor