How to Know what Van Buren Township Home you like the best

Here is how to know which Van Buren Township home you like the best.  The reason of this post is that about a month ago I was taking some Michigan first time home buyersout looking at homes in Van Buren Township.  It was a newer subdivision that had many of the same styles of homes.  They were brick homes, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage.  Sure they looked a little different from the outside, but it got confusing quick.

We saw 6 different homes of various square footage and styles in the subdivision.  Even I was confused after seeing 6 homes.  What I recommend to all my first time home buyers is too keep a note pad.  Or to keep the listing papers.  When you come out of a house write some notes on the house.  Which ones needed paint, which needed carpeting, which home had a deck?  Circle important details on the listing papers.

Most importantly throw away the ones you don’t like and start ranking them.  Which Van Buren home do you like the best, what’s number two, and number three?

My Metro Detroit relocation buyers do that every day.  These people that relocate to Michigan have only a few days to buy a home. They are focused and organized. They always rank the homes they like. They all have a different system.  Rank your home on what is important to you.  Is the updated kitchen important?  Is having a deck important?  I hope this Metro Detroit first time home buyer tip help make your home search easy.

Russ Ravary

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