How Michigan Property taxes work – Local tax review boards – part 10

Michigan’s property tax system is confusing so here is a brief series on how Michigan property taxes work and about local tax review boards.

So the first step in fighting to reduce your Michigan property taxes is to go to the local tax review board.  The first thing you need to do is call your local city hall and set up your appointment for the tax review board.  Also at the same time ask for their requirements on what you need to do.

Three, six, or nine electors of the Township or City shall be appointed by the City orTownship to serve as the Tax Board of Review. If 6 or 9 are appointed, they are divided into Boards of 3 individuals for the purpose of hearing and deciding.  Two of the three members of a Michigan tax Board of Review must be present for there to be any transaction of business.

The appointees to the tax board may be local businessmen, lawyers, real estate professionals to name some of the people that serve on local boards of review.  The local board of review is an informal affair.  Usually you have 5 – 10 minutes to present your case.

It is best to provide written documentation including sold comparables to the board. Remember these people are not elected and trying to do a fair job, so don’t be rude, argumentative, or obnoxious as it won’t help your case.  Usually it is very very informal.  (with folding chairs and a table.)

The local board of review usually convenes in March to hear tax payers presentations on why their property tax assessmentshould be lowered.  So call in February to set up when you can meet with them.

Every person who makes a request, protest, or application to the March Board of Review must be notified in writing of the local Michigan Board of Review’s action and information regarding the right of further appeal, not later than the first Monday in June.

The bottom line is that the local board of review looks at the written information that you bring in.  Dressing up and looking professional, being nice won’t necessarily bolster your case.  But being rude, and loud may hurt your case

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