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I want to share this home selling tip whether you are selling a Waterford home, a house in Wayne County, a lake house in Oakland County MI, or any home in metro Detroit.  Our real estate market has slowed down dramatically this fall (2014) so many buyers are offer much less than list price.  So what do you do?

House problems

House problems

I am first going to share what one of my sellers told me “well I can hold onto the house another 18 months for what they are offering me.”  OK let’s talk about that line of thinking.  So if the market does not change you are hoping that somebody will offer you more sometime between now and 18 months from now.  The longer it takes the less you are going to make.  We have had over 50 people that have come through.  They do not like the layout, or the basement.  Two things you cannot change.  So if you cannot change the condition the only thing you can change is the price.

So if Metro Detroit home values do not go up then a holding onto a lake house on Bogie Lake White Lake MI or a Waterford home will not help you.  The condition has not changed so why would somebody pay more for it six months from now.  If 50 people do not like it then you are going to have to continue to lower the price.  It is smart to get rid of the house now and move on.

Basements in Michigan

Basements in Michigan

So let’s go over your options.  The key to selling your Metro Detroit home is …..do you really want to sell and move on with your life or could you be happy living in the house for a year or longer.  If your goal is to sell your home, to move, and get out of the house then you need to lower the price or accept the offer.  Be point blank with your Michigan relocation specialist ask them what to do.  A honest realtor will tell you the truth.  If you want to sell, my gut instinct would be to tell you to accept the offer and run.  Especially if you did not have any offers prior to this.

Do not let an offer get away unless you do not want to sell at that price.  Here are 5 tips for selling your house.  They will work for selling your Lakefront Home on Van Norman Lake in Independence Township Michigan or your Novi home.  Go luck.  We aggressively  market your home on the internet.  So give us a call when you are ready to list.

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