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I recently have gone into several homes that were very cluttered.  They were not hoarders by any means but they had “stuff” out when they were going to sell their home.  So let me give you my home selling tips when listing your piece of Milford real estate.  When you sell your home our goal is have your home appeal to the greatest number of buyers at the least possible cost.  We want you to sell your home for the highest price possible.  In order to do that we want you home to look good to all the buyers we can.

For my home sellers I like to do a walk through two or three months before you list.  My goal is to at least tell you what you should do to prepare your home for sale.  We want your home to look the best it can.  However you do not have to do any of the suggestions I give  you.  The suggestions I give may seem like too much work, or cost too much for you.  Homes that are updated and look move in ready usually sell for more money and sell quicker than homes that are not move in ready.

When your house is cluttered or full of junk your house will look bad to Milford home buyers.  They can’t see past the clutter and all the boxes.  So the key is to make sure the main floor and all the upstairs living area is junk free.  No boxes, no clutter.  Put it in the basement, put it in the garage.  It doesn’t matter if it is stacked to the ceiling.  It is better than looking like the picture above.  Home buyers cannot visual a spacious un-cluttered home when there is too much “stuff”.  I hope this home selling tip helps you sell your piece of Milford real estate quicker.

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