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8 tips for showing your Metro Detroit Home

1.) Have your Metro Detroit home ready to show at any time

Your Metro Detroit home should always be available for show.  Yes it may be inconvenient for you. Always let your listing agent put a lock box in a convenient place, to make it easy for other agents to show your home to Michigan home buyers. Otherwise, agents will have to schedule appointments wait for the listing agent to show up which is an inconvenience. Most real estate agents will just skip your home to show the house of someone else who is more cooperative.

Most agents will call and give you at least a couple of hours notice before showing your property. If you refuse to let them show it at that time, they will just skip your house. Even if they come back another time, it will probably be with different buyers and you may have just lost a chance to sell your home.

2.) Absolutely Don’t be at Home

Whether it is a Canton Home, or a Novi home buyers will feel uncomfortable if you are home when they visit, and they might not be as receptive toward viewing your home. Michigan home buyers will leave your home quicker and not give it the full attention if you are at home.  It is just that simple.  So go anywhere, take a walk, go shopping, get out of the house and off the property. If you absolutely cannot leave, try to remain in an out of they way area of the house and do not move from room to room.  Do not volunteer any information, many times sellers show how anxious they are to sell or give the buyer information to make the buyers bargaining position stronger.

3.) Lighting

When you know someone is coming by to see your home for sale, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights.  Turn them on even during the day!  The brighter the home the better your Canton Home or Novi home will show.  At night, a brightly lit house gives a “homey” impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, turning on the lights prevents shadows and lightens up the dark corners in your home.  Buyers don’t like dark and gloomy houses.

4.) Smells and Odors

Do not go overboard with potpourri, candles, or deodorizing sprays.  Metro Detroit Home Buyers will find it is too obvious and many home buyers find the different scents of the deodorizers offensive, not to mention that some home buyers may be allergic.  You do not want to push those buyers out.   If you want to have a good smell in your home.  Burn a chocolate chip or cinnamon scented candle, or bake some chocolate chip cookies.  PS you can leave the cookies out with a note saying the cookies are for the home buyers.

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5.) Pets & Pet smells

If you can take your pets with you.  Michigan Home buyers don’t want a yapping or barking dog in the way.  A dog that is causing a commotion interferes with the buyers concentration.  Some dog breeds like dobermans, German Sheppard’s sometimes scare people, even if they are freindly  The home buyer may not even walk through your whole house.  I have even had some home buyers afraid of cats.  So be sure to notify your agent you have pets, so they can let the agent know.  Every house that had a cat was a no-show for my client’s wife.  So if you can take your pets and all their toys somewhere else.   Clean up the pet hair, litter boxes, and the yard.

6.) Laundry rooms, & Trash Cans

Straighten up the laundry room, Empty your kitchen trash every time you have a showing.  Even if your trash is in the cabinets empty it.  There might be a slight smell that you have grown accustomed to.

7.) Keep the House clean and neat.

When selling your Metro Detroit home I recommend that you work extra hard to keep it spotless.  Home Buyers sometimes turn up their nose at filthy and messy homes.  They take as a overall impression of the home.  If it is sloppy the home has not been taken care of.   Pick up the junk laying around, put away all the clothes, put away the dishes, magazines, and papers.  Make your home look as spotless as you can.  keep everything freshly dusted and vacuumed. Try your best to have it look like a model home ?

8.)  Keep the outside entrance inviting

Shovel the walk if there is snow.  Cut the grass.  Sweep the sidewalk.  Put some flowers out front, or hang an inviting wreath.  If you Wayne County or Oakland County home is not inviting then they won’t come inside.  You want people to come inside.  So keep your outside inviting all the time because you never know when some Michigan home buyer is going to drive by.



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