Home inspections and your Metro Detroit real estate agent

The Metro Detroit home inspection process

Depending on the other agent’s requirements and whether the home is empty I don’t like to be at the home inspection unless necessary.  If I am going to be there I will be reading or on the phone.  I won’t be following you and the inspector around.  As your real estate agent I feel the home inspection is between you and the inspector.  Your home inspector is like a doctor.  He looks beyond the obvious to look for the problems.

I don’t want to distract the inspector from his job.

  1. When the inspector points out a potential issue.  I want the inspector and you to talk about the issue, the cause, and the cures.
  2. I don’t want to have any influence the problem, and what you feel are important issues
  3. I want you to concentrate and pay attention to what the Metro Detroit home inspector is telling and showing you.

I feel as your Oakland and Wayne County real estate agent I am the third and unnecessary wheel with your home inspection.  When the home inspection is over you will have the list of the problems.

Then as your Realtor we can go over what you want fixed, or replaced.  That’s when my job comes in.  Being able to negotiate to get as much fixed without losing the home deal.  We want to get the home seller to do as much as possible for you.  Or to give you the necessary money to get the issues fixed.  We want to get the home in the best shape for you without exciting the seller.

Sometimes sellers don’t want to do any repairs or don’t want to spend any money to get the repairs done.  The seller sometimes think you have gotten too good of a deal already.  They have “given” the house away.  They lost too much already.  So my key is too try to get some or all of the items done.

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