Home buying testimonial for Russ Ravary

Russ Ravary should play the lead role on your home buying team*.
Russ is a workaholic: he’s going to be at the showing twenty minutes early, he’s going to have a folder of comparables, he’s going to have details on the neighborhood – even if you emailed him late the previous night.
Russ is experienced: he has a deep knowledge of many Metro Detroit communities (especiallyLivonia, Plymouth, Northville, etc.), he has worked all types of transactions (foreclosures, short sales, etc.), he has previously handled the problem you’re going to run into when purchasing your home (in fact, he’s probably blogged about it).
Russ is adaptable: he has been early to adopt new technologies, he has been quick to adjust offers to changes in the marketplace, he has been ready to meet the personal needs of his clients.
Russ Ravary was my real estate agent, and I have recommended him to my friends.
* I would also recommend finding a good: lawyer, home inspector, credit union, title company, and insurance agent (home, life).
– Don

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