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Are you looking at West Bloomfield homes for sale it is always best to be prepared.  Here is one of my home buyer tips for the first time home buyer or the experienced home buyer.  This is about negotiating.  When negotiating a home offer it can get very personal and emotional.  Many buyers and sellers start to feel that the other side is trying to take advantage of them.  When emotions get involved the negotiations get much tougher.

When you look at a sale of a home it is quite simple really.  The seller wants the highest price possible and the buyer wants the lowest price possible.  Bot sides have their objectives.  You should take the mindset that it is just business.  You as the buyer of this West Bloomfield home want the best deal possible, but you have to keep in mind that we are trying to meet somewhere in the middle.

If you get angry you are more likely want to give up on the deal.  Then you are not going to get what you want.  You want to buy the house when we started this negotiation.  Just because the seller is playing hardball doesn’t mean that you give up on the house you want.  So take the emotion out of it and make a business decision.  Do you want the house?  Is it still a good price.  Look at the comparables for that West Bloomfield home.  If you the buyer and the seller are arguing about a small side point then think about it.  I have had people going to give up buying a $150,000 home over a $100 item.  Be smart.  Negotiate like it is a business deal.

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