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If you look at most realtor’s biography you will see that they are selling multi million dollars of real estate.  So what does that really mean to you as a buyer in the Michigan real estate market?  Some may say 3 million or 5 million dollars.  A 3 million dollar real estate producer is at the low end of real estate agents.  What does that really mean for you?  What an agent sells does not really  effect you as a buyer.  Yes, a realtor that sells 10 -12 million dollars a years probably has more experience.  The 10 million dollar realtor probably has dealt with more issues, more negotiations than the 5 million dollar realtor, but that is not what you should rely on to chose a realtor.  Yes, you do want the realtor that has lots of experience, but you also want your realtor to have time for you.  If you are dealing with a realtor that is selling 100+ homes a year they are not going to be the one taking you out.  They are going to push you off on a subordinate.   Having experience is just part of the equation, you need back up help too.

When your realtor belongs to a big company, or an office with many realtors it gives you the experience of those other realtors.  If an agent has a problem they go to their broker, and the other agents in their office for advice on how to handle the issue or problem.  Having more realtors in your agents office helps make issues in your real estate deal become much more manageable and solvable.  So sometimes being part of a big office, or a big name company becomes a benefit to your realtor and your real estate deal.

Yes, years of experience do help when hiring an agent.  The key here is that you do not hire the dinosaur that does not know technology.   Nor the person that is new to the business. Todays deals and todays agents use texts, emails, and electronic signatures.  Hiring an agent that does not know technology can slow your deal down and possibly be a hindrance to getting your deal closed.  As an agent I find the ancient dinosaur that is working from Florida six months a year, and “has always done it that way” can be a nightmare.  Technology has changed so much in the last 10 years, having an agent that knows how to use it to the fullest extent will help you whether you are buying or selling an waterfront home in Oakland County or a foreclosure in Northville.  Sure the newbie will have the time to help you, but would your rather have somebody that has handled the issue and the experience?  Every real estate deal has it’s own set of challenges whether it is a low appraisal, or inspection issue, or lender issues.  Experience does count.

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But the most important factor is your realtor out for a sale or do they really care about what you want?  Are they pushy?  Are they looking out for you?  Are they telling you that if I cannot find you a home in seven homes then I am not doing my job?  Are they listening to you?  All of this should help you pick out a top Michigan realtor.  After all there is no top Michigan realtor.  I am not the top Michigan realtor.  I honestly do not think there is one.  There are many of them.  I consider myself to be one of the best, however it boils down to you liking and being able to work with them or me.  You want the agent to protect you.  After all this is the biggest financial investment you are going to make this year.  So hire the right agent for you.  The goal is to get an experienced realtor that has the knowledge and office staff to make your next real estate move smoother.

Bottom line is hire the agent that you feel comfortable with.  May your  real estate transaction go smoothly.

Russ Ravary realtor

Russ Ravary realtor

Russ is full time realtor with 14 years of experience of finding good deals for his clients.  An added bonus is that he buys a new kayak, or lawnmower, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower when you buy and close on a home with him.

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