Happy, Happy Thanksgiving

May you all have a


Each year On my facebook page I usually do 7 articles on 7 days of thanks of what I am thankful for.  I thought I would share on with you one of them………………

Thanksgiving TurkeysMy sixth day of thanks is for what I have or what you have. A couple of my sayings are “I’m not rich, I’m not poor, but I’m good”. “If I died today, I will have lived a good life.”

Many people strive to make more and more money. Many search for years for a partner, love, happiness. Always in want of a little more. Never quite satisfied.

I think that is natural….. wanting, or having dreams, and desires. But I think once in a while we need to sit down and just appreciate what we have…..before we go back to wanting and working toward more. Just enjoy the things, the loves, the friends, the happiness we already have. Step away from the rat race, the keep up with the Jones’, or wanting the perfect life.

This one got away

On Thanksgiving day don’t think of what you don’t have, but think of what you do have. Life is good, life is all around you. Soak up the goodness of what you have.

It’s not wrong to want, to try to achieve more. But as they say “take time to smell the roses along the way” Take the time to enjoy what you have today and on Thanksgiving day.

This is 6th day of thanks should of been my end one or final one on Thanksgiving, but I just got writing and this came out. So I am going with it.


May the day be relaxing and memorable for you and your family

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