Halloween fun is just around the corner!!!

The day is almost here…. Halloween fun is just around the corner….. can you hardly wait to storm the neighborhoods, looking for the best candy you can find….. can you hardly wait for pounds and pounds of candy to be dumped out of your pillow case at the end of the night, to see you glorious triumph of Halloween night? Halloween is almost here, which means its time to get your basic necessities ready for the big night……. pillow case/ candy bucket, flashlight, maybe warm clothes, gloves, but that’s not all, maybe you bring your walkie-talkies so you and your friends can divide and concur the neighborhood. Finding the biggest and best variety of candy that night… no apples, or pretzels in your bag! only valuable items, so later on you have leverage when trading candy, becomes a business, your the Donald Trump of candy. Now, in order to insure you get the best candy out there, you of course have to have the best costume out there! This means preparation, get every detail planned ahead of time, get in touch with your creative side, make sure you have just the right amount of fake vampire blood dripping from your lip, and just enough glitter hairspray in your hair to last throughout the night, get you angel wings secured, and your sheriffs star pined. This is the ultimate test for those who trick or treat….. can you live up to the challenge? are you ready for this years Halloween? only time will tell….. and of course your candy stash! But in good spirit I wish you all the best of luck! May your costumes be scary, your feet be swift, and your voices be loud! to all trick or treater’s out there good luck!!!

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