Go Red Wings

I don’t have the picture of the spirit of Detroit with the Red Wings shirt on.  But you have to admit that we do have spirit here.  Even though we are ranked as the number one dangerous city in the country, Detroit is not that bad.

We have a lot of great happenings down in the city of Detroit.  We have the Hoe Down Country Music festival in May, we have the Fox and Fisher theatre.  Which are great places to go for small venue happenings.

We have the 4 of July fireworks that are one of the best in the country.  Comerica Baseball park and Ford Field are great places to go with the family.  We have the North America Auto Show.  We have Chene Park for local music and all the great summer festivals that are held at Hart Plaza.  Of course you can’t leave out all the great restaurants in Mexican town.  Detroit is still a great place to be no matter what the outside world says.

But I would have to say the pride of our town is the Red Wings.  We are Hockeytown.  And the Red Wings always are a great source of pride to us.  I would have to say the Red Wings are to Hockeyas the Yankees are to baseball.  Or the Steelers or Cowboys are to football.  We love our Red Wings here in Detroit.

I am even trying to convert one of my Michigan relocation clients from Pittsburgh over.  But Ray Betz from BASF is staying loyal to his Pittsburgh Penguins.  And I can’t blame him.  They are a good team too, and you have to be loyal to your hometown team where ever you move to.  (an exception is the Lions)  I have been teasing Ray that I am going to put up a Red Wings flag on his flag pole in his yard.  Either way Ray wins.  His Penguins will either win (God forbid) or his new team the Red Wings will win and be his new pride.

I am wondering if I can’t get Octopus delivered to BASF down in Wyandotte.  Anybody know who delivers?

Go Wings and finish them off in Game 6 in Pittsburgh!  Don’t make me sweat.

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