First Time Metro Detroit Home Buyers

So many first time metro Detroit home buyers do not really think about the goal line when starting on their home purchase.  So what is the purpose of buying a home?  Is it the freedom to do what you want in your own home?  Is it to stop paying rent?  Is it just to move out of your parent’s house?  These are all reasons people have to buy a home.  But another reason is what I call the goal line.  The goal line or the whole purpose of buying a home is not only to be able to have a place of your own, but to build equity in a home.  That your investment will grow over the years and that your home will be worth more.


People in cities like New York never buy a home.  They rent forever.  I have a rental property in Canton.  I have one renter that has lived in the property for over 20 years.  They could have bought a house with what they put into rent.  As you pay your monthly house payments each year you are paying down the loan.  The amount you owe is less each month.   Your investment into the home is growing yearly.  Paying a house payment is like a forced savings plan.  It is better than throwing away $800 – $1000 a month to a landlord.

The goal line I was talking about in the first line of this article is the goal of paying off your home.  So many Metro Detroit home buyers forget about that.  At some point in your life wouldn’t be nice to NOT TO HAVE A HOUSE PAYMENT?   You want to be able to retire and have your home paid off.   No house payment.  Use that money to take a trip or to buy something you always wanted.  You want to be able to live less expensively in retirement.   Lower your living costs.  You have the ability to live in your home the rest or your life with no payment.  You do not have to sell it to downsize because you have a house payment.  The goal is to have no house payment when you retire.

One less bill and more money to live on.  You may want to move down south, up near Traverse City, or to Texas.  Having a Metro Detroit home that is paid for will give you so many options.  You may choose to stay right here in the area and finally buy your dream home on an Oakland County lake.  You may want to downsize into a condo near where you live.

So when you first start thinking about buying a Metro Detroit you add this to your thoughts.  Think about that goal line of having no payment.  Then think of what it takes to achieve that goal.  You want to live within your means.  You want a house payment that you can afford.   Not only now, but in the future…as your family grows.   One that you will not be house poor on.  One that you can afford to do the furnace when it breaks down.  A house payment that is manageable, so you can afford to save money for those rainy day expenses.   A house payment that is affordable and that you are not going to have to take out home equity loans to do weddings, or college, or vacations.

So when you buy a Michigan home with me I want you to be one of the smart buyers.  Retire well, and plan for the future now.  You will be glad you did.  If you have questions about the home buying process feel free to call me on my cell phone or email me at

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 Remember we offer a great buyers bonus too.  If you buy and close on a home with me as your realtor I will buy you a kayak, or a grill, or a lawnmower.  (Up to $500 in value)

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