Ewww What’s that smell? Milford home selling tips

Yes just like this Egyptian dancer after he is through dancing….your home may smell a little.

Egyptian Dancer

Egyptian Dancer

Though you won’t like to admit it, everyone’s home has a certain smell to it.  If you are trying to sell your Milford home the odor of your home may be a deal killer.  It may drive buyers out of your house.  We live in the house so we just never notice a smell because we live with it day in, day out. If you have dogs, cats, or any other pets you most likely have pet odor.  You may love your pet, but home buyers may hate the smell.  Especially when it smells like wet dog.

Older sellers in the 80+ range most likely have what us real estate agents say is “old person smell”.  If you are ethnic you might cook with strong spices like curry or garlic.  Or you might cook a lot of fish.  All of these smells may turn off a potential buyer.  DO NOT go wild and spray orange deodorizer everywhere.  Do not over power the house with scented fragrances.  Buyers will realize something is wrong.  Get the carpets cleaned.  Find the source of the odor if you can and clean that area.  Painting a home many times helps get rid of odors.

Remember you do not want any smell to be overpowering.  But you can strategically place a couple of fresh scent devices throughout the home.  It will be pleasant to the nose of any potential buyer. Here are a few Real Estate Professional trick’s to help your Milford home smell better right before showing:

1.) Pop some cinnamon rolls in an oven

2.) Boil some cinnamon stick in waters

3.) Bake some chocolate chip cookies

4.) Buy a chocolate chip cookie candle or a cinnamon candle and lite it.

This should help your Milford home sell better.  Ask a friend over and ask them if they smell anything.  It is like the fabreeze commercials.  You may not have even noticed the smell because you have lived there so long.   Here are  some other home selling tips Oakland County kitchen & home selling tips and 5 Redford home selling tips

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