Do you have the same problem?

Just because I am in the real estate business everybody thinks I need a second income.  Or maybe they are just hitting on everybody they know.  I have to tell them I have sold 5 homes in the month of January.  I think they think all Realtors are starving.  Some are, but I am doing good because of all the internet marketing I am doing.

I have lots of friends that were in the mortgage business.  Many of them lost their jobs when the sub prime mortgage business blew up.  Many of them made 6 figures for years and years.

Now many of them have gotten jobs but they are not making the money they used to.  But they seem to have all joined some sort of multi-level marketing.  I have been invited by enough “meetings” with the “high level top producing guy in the nation coming”  Of course the “you won’t want to miss this” is part of the lead in.  “Lots of people are making good money at this”

Is it me or are you getting these types of emails, calls?  I think they are even using social media sites like my space and face book to get people involved.  I have gotten 5 invites in the last  few months.  How many have you gotten?



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