Detroit Lion bailout

Yep we need a bailout for the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are going to become the NFL’s worst team in the history of the NFL (0-15) .  And I never thought they would be number 1.  Hell has frozen over here in Michigan too.  I am glad they are number one.  Now we get the first draft pick, not that there were any close contenders.  I am afraid they will take the first round pick and trade it for 2 seven round picks.  So I am volunteering to take over managing the team.  I would like to take that pick and trade the whole team to China.

Then I would start over.  I would hire 80 of Detroit’s unemployed at $60,000 to play.  We would at least have the same record next year.  So if you multiply 80 players by $60,000 it would cost $4,800,000.  Minus that new payroll number from the currentDetroit Lions payroll of $90,947,657 I would have $86,947,657 to buy Detroit foreclosures.

There are currently 3246 Detroit foreclosures for sale.  I could probably make a deal to buy them all at $10,000 a piece for all 3246 Detroit foreclosures.   So now if I deduct the cost of my Detroit Lions new picks 3246 x $10,000 = $32,460,000.  Minus that from my Detroit Lion’s payroll of $86,947,657 – $32,460,000 = $54,487,657 left to improve my team.

I would then take that money and hire more of Detroit’s unemployed and pay for materials to rehab all 3246 Detroit foreclosures.  That would give me about $16,700 per Detroit home.

Now that the William Clay Ford and the Lions owned all the Detroit foreclosures they would give them away to Detroit’s needy and homeless with the help of Habitat for Humanity.

The Detroit Lion’swould get a big charitable deduction, tremendous good will, and the same record.  I figure if we did this for about 5 years we could put a big dent in Metro Detroit foreclosures, help the economy, get William Clay Ford a tax break, and help reduce the number of Detroit’s unemployed.  Plus I would have money left over to buy some new footballs and some practive dummies.  Or I could lower the price of beer in the stadium.  Who knows I have lots of better ways of spending the current Lions payroll than what the Lion’s management is doing now.  Anything would be an improvement.

What do you think?   Are you with me? A new start for the Detroit Lions.  Email this link to this blog to all your friends in Detroit or past Detroiters.


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