Curb appeal and selling your Metro Detroit home

Selling your home,

27 tips to improve your curb appeal

Stand out in the road and look at your house. (now watch out for cars, I don’t want you to get run over).  Inspect the whole yard from one side to the other.  First pick up any garbage and junk that is not supposed to be out in front of the house.  Your homes appearance should be the landscaping and the home itself.  Everything else should be minimized or gone.
Check your driveway.

  • Too many cars makes your house seem cluttered.
  • Park in front of your neighbors or across the street.  Try to only have one or two cars at the most on the driveway or in front of the house.
Lets start looking at your home from the roof down.

  • Is your house missing shingles, or have branches or leaves on the roof?
  • Are the gutters on straight, no trees going out of them.
  • Are trees trimmed away from the roof
  • Are you windows clean?
Does your house need painting?

  • Is the paint peeling or discolored in spots?
  • How is the front door? Does it need replacing, painting, and or varnishing?
  • If there is a screen door remove the screen and put the glass back in.
  • Does the vinyl siding need cleaning and power washing?
  • Caulk where needed.
  • If you have a mailbox need touching up?
  • Don’t touch up paint, repaint the whole area.
Do your shrubs and beds need help?

  • Have you neatly trimmed your shrubs?
  • Remove any trees or shrubs that is overgrown
  • Are the flower/shrub beds free of weeds?
  • Throw down some fresh mulch
  • Plant flowers that are in season
Add accents where possible.

  • Buy a couple of larger flower pots or hanging pots filled with flowers.
  • Add a seasonal wreath to the front door
Keep the yard in good shape.

  • Edge the lawn
  • Is the driveway and sidewalks free from grass clippings?
  • Keep the grass cut regularly
Get rid of the miscellaneous junk

  • Roll up garden hoses
  • Put away the kids toys
  • Store garbage cans in the garage
Neighbors yards and homes

  • If your neighbors don’t take care of their property.  Ask them if they would mind you taking care of it for them while your house is up for sale.  Too many times I have seen Metro Detroit home buyers not buy a home because the house next door’s grass wasn’t cut.  Or the neighbor’s yard was full of junk.

Remember curb appeal has to be at all times.  Michigan home buyers drive by your house at all times of the day.  So keep your house up.


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