Clarkston and Indepedendence Township foreclosures as of 5-6-13

The Charter Township of Independence Township is located 45 miles northwest of Detroit in northern Oakland County, Michigan.  Independence Township was organized in 1837 and given its name by one of its earliest settlers, Joseph VanSycle, who migrated from Independence, New Jersey in 1834.  As the fourth largest township in Oakland County, Independence is 36 square miles in size with the exception for that portion taken for the City of the Village of Clarkston.

Clarkston and Independence Township is a great place to live and a great place to buy a foreclosure that can be renovated, updated, and sold for a profit. Keeping that in mind, I did a search for Clarkston and Independence Township foreclosures as of today, 5-6-13. Below is a complete list. Overall, there are 9 Clarkston and Independence Township foreclosures. These 9 homes have a median price of $149,489 with an average time on the market of only 21 days.

As your local Real Estate agent, one of my jobs is to help get your home purchase closed.  And one of the easiest ways to help make a real estate deal go smoother is to have an educated home buyer.  One of the biggest misconceptions I feel today is that you can lowball foreclosures at 20, 30, or 50% below list price and you can get them.  I am constantly hearing from people on the street some story that they have heard that somebody bought a house at 50% off.    Unfortunately if you do that you have a great chance of not getting the home you want.  We are sometimes seeing multiple offers on foreclosures as well as privately owned homes.

So, if you are looking for a foreclosure or a privately owned home in Clarkston and Independence Township, give me a call. I can get you the best deal in this buyers market we have right. Call me on my cell or email me for more information on Clarkston and Independence Township foreclosures or any other Southeastern Michigan city. I’m here to help you! 248-310-6239

6939 TAPPON CT 1 4 1705 N Y 110X130 58.06
6145 DELHI ST 2 3 1483 N N 300XIRREG 80.91
6064 CRAMLANE DR 1.1 3 1208 Y Y IRR 99.33
6630 PEAR LN 1.1 3 1582 N Y 119X128 88.62
7276 HOLCOMB RD 1.1 3 1284 Y Y 110X243X127X180 113.62
5175 STEVENS RD 2.1 3 1613 Y Y 100 X 192 91.13
6171 ASCENSION ST 3.1 6 2252 N Y 125X125 79.88
7230 ANDERSONVILLE   RD 2 3 1808 Y Y 44X103 102.26
5736 SHANNON LN 2.1 4 1826 Y Y 56X42 114.18

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