Christ the Savior Lutheran Church Livonia MI

Are you really Christians there?

This post might cost me a buyer or a seller but I have always been a person that speaks their mind.  I believe in standing up and saying what you believe.  And sorry I don’t believe what you are doing is right.  This week is the Livonia Spree.  It is our local carnival.

I have to cut to the chase and put a local church on the shame list.  Christ the Savior Lutheran Church is located right next to the Livonia spree.  Tonight there were no church services when I was there.  There were about 5 cars in the parking lot.  They had the entrance blocked off with two guards stopping from coming in.  Only people with parking passes could come in.  Yet some other business parking lots didn’t have guards to keep you from parking there.

What does that mean?

I guess you had to be a member of the church to park there.  There was no Christian spirit in regards to parking at this Livonia Lutheran Church.  I think if they didn’t know it was Jesus Christ came to the church, he wouldn’t be able to park at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Livonia.  I’m sure they will say there is a mess left behind or there is insurance liability.  Well if they have 2 church members sit there all day it would take less time to clean up any mess. As for liability you can get insurance for anything and it wouldn’t be that expensive for the week.

You see I don’t believe that Jesus has a sign that announces his presence.  But I believe that we must share what we have.  I especially believe you should share when you have no use for it.  It is like the neighbor that says sorry my saw is broken when he doesn’t want to loan it out.  All the parking spaces that Christ the Savior Lutheran Church won’t share for Livonia residents and others that want to go to the spree.  They say the greatest amongst us is the one that shares what little they have.

Somehow Christ the Savior Lutheran Church Livonia MI loves to preach a message but doesn’t practice what it preaches.  A shame I think.  I’m sure they will be passing the plate this weekend to get money.  But to share a unused parking space no way.  There were older people that were walking longer distances.  Mothers with strollers walking from farther away.  But to share a unused parking space no way.

Not real Christian Like.   No community spirit in my opinion.  A Livonia church but you can only park there if……  Would you pass their preference test.  Do you have to pray a certain number of times a day.  Or do you have to be able to stand guard on a parking lot?

I went to a church that had a congested parking lot.  I remember the pastor telling people that the love and practices of Jesus didn’t stay in the pews.  That people shouldn’t fight to get out of the parking lot.  That they should not cut each other off.

I won’t say that you are right or wrong but your actions speak louder than the words you preach.  As a Christian church you could be setting an good example and showing people how to be better but…………..

July 2009


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