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 Hi I’m Russ Ravary, and I’m here to tell you all about Cass Lake!

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Cass Lake is a great lake to raise your family on. It sits at about 1280 acres and is open to the public. Cass lake is an all sports lake, perfect for all you who love skiing or wake-boarding!  Since it is public, the traffic on the lake can accumulate rather quickly on the weekends or during holidays. It is probably one of Oakland county’s most prestigious lakes, that also contributes to the weekend traffic. Here you will find luxury homes. If you are looking for an inexpensive weekend get away, you probably wouldn’t look at this lake. The homes on bigger lots are being torn down, to build new luxury homes. This indicates that homes sell at a premium on the lake.

A fun fact about this lake, is that is was Glacial formed. This casued it to have a very deep hole that reaches about 123 feet deep! There is a small state park on it and also a marina. To keep the lake safe and controlled, it is illegal to operate a boat over 50 miles/ hour on the lake. It is a decent inland lake for sailing. As long as you find a day when the wind is good, and the boats on the lake are few. Like I said it can get very busy on this lake. When you do get out there, It is possible to sail 3/4 mile course in most directions!

This lake is surrounded by Water

Cass Lake is surrounded by Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Orchard Lake Village, and Keego Harbor and not too far from Telegraph Rd. If you are looking for an active lake and want a big lake then Cass Lake may be for you.  Russ Ravary, your Metro Detroit lake realtor that will be glad to help you find your dream lake home.  I know the lakes, so I can help you find the one that suits you, and your family.  Give me a call today at (248) 310-6239


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