Cardboard Boat Races July 16th 1:00 Pm

White Lake cardboard boat races 2016
White Lake cardboard boat races 2016


Saturday July 16th 

1:00 Pm


The fundraiser is finally here, this weekend on July 16th come join us and make a difference for which ever cancer charity you hold close to your heart!

The goal of this race is to raise money for cancer charities, to help research or those in need. We start at 1:00 pm on Saturday the 16th at the White Lake Inn.

We have so much fun and can feel good leaving knowing no matter how much we raise we will have made a difference for many different charities for cancer. Whether you are choosing to race or just joining the fun and watching our wacky contestants speed off and make it to the finish line accomplished and philanthropic.  We urge you to invite your family and friends either to race or to watch and enjoy the day with us!


The address to the white lake in is as follows… 

3955 Ormond Rd, White Lake, MI 48383


If you need anymore information please go to

or call Russ Ravary at (248)310-6239 also available at 

Kids entry - White Lake Cardboard boat races
Kids entry –White Lake
Cardboard boat races

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