Canton Township’s Liberty Festival

2009 Canton MI photographs

Every year on Fathers Day weekend Canton Township officials

has a festival for its residents and for the local area

It is open to everybody actually but geared to Canton residents.

They call it the Liberty Festival

Canton Twp Liberty Festival Car Show

Canton MI car show

The Liberty Festival has

a great car show featuring old and new cars

There are various tents set up around the

festival for local merchants

including window companies, Chiropractors,

and many others.

The local churches have boths to explore their religion

local civic groups such as the humane society are their

local hospitals and doctors are there promoting safety and

health tips

Canton MI Liberty Festival

Michigan scale model boat club

The Michigan scale model boat club had their little motorized boats

skimming across the water to the enjoyment of the young and old.

Canton Twp Liberty Festival

I had these potato chips

smoothered in sour cream and  cheese.

Lots of great food of all varieties from the local Coney Island

to Chinese, to Italian, food for any taste

Canton Liberty festival food

Everybody has fun

They have music and entertainment shows

Rides for the kids

Performing dogs

Police demonstrations

Canton Twp entertainment for kids

Liberty Festival Canton MI

Canton MI things to do

Everybody had fun whether it was the kids

or the parents there was something to do for everybody.

Liberty Festival Canton Twp MI 2009


Canton Twp photos

Canton Michigan is also known as Canton Twp

Canton is an ethnically and culturally diverse community

A town with low crime statistics and good schools

What a great place to live and raise your kids!

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