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If you are looking at Oakland County lakefront cottages & homes and come across a canal home take everything into account. One of the biggest issues with buying a canal front home is whether you can get your boat in and out.  So first look at the depth of the canal.  Does your boat require more depth or is it deep enough.  There are some canal that ski boats with the propeller underneath that won’t be a fit.Remember the lake levels go up and down.  Will your boat be able to go down the canal if the level of the lake goes down.  So it is important to know how much the lake levels vary and whether there is a dam that maintains the lake level.  Ask your realtor to get that information for you.  I recently looked at a house on Zukey Lake that the canal was so shallow that it would be hard to get a boat out of.

On the other end is some lake levels raise in the spring.  Is there a bridge that you have to go under?  Will your boat go under the bridge without being taken apart?  How much clearance is there?  I have been on alake where there are times the boats cannot get out on the main lake when the water level is high.  You should know these facts before you buy an Oakland County canal front home.  It does not matter if it is a lake cottage on Big Lake in Davisbug Michigan or a lake house on Pontiac Lake in White Lake Township

I hope these lake buyer tips give you ideas on what to think about when buying lakefront homes.  If you would like more Oakland County MI relocation information feel free to check out any of my websites. Click here for more info.  Remember we offer a great buyers bonus when you buy through us.

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