Buying a Metro Detroit Car

I have been out shopping for a car the last four days.  I have been affected by the economy just like all of you.   With home prices falling 30 -75% directly results in a 30 – 75% pay cut unless I work harder and longer.  But I needed new transportation and I wanted the best bang for the buck.

So I starting going around to all the car dealerships.  I went to

  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Saturn
  • Lincoln Mercury
  • Chrysler
  • GM dealer

to see all the new cars.  You notice that I didn’t mention any foreign vehicles.  I am a Detroiter.  I have worked in the car factories and I know how much we need the local car companies alive and well.  We need the big 3 even if they become the big 2.  We need their business and they need ours.  So I supported them.

I went into all the dealerships and asked what had the biggest bang for the buck.  What could I get in a car that fit my budget and my needs?  What cars had the best rebates and lowest interest rates from the companies.  I need a four door car that isn’t too small.  My clients need to stretch out their leggs in the back seat.  Of course there is always the factor of what would my cleints think when I pulled up.  Did the car make a good impression.

Buying a house in this market is just like that.  What house gives you the biggest bang for the buck?  Is it a colonial in Farmington or is it a ranch in Plymouth?  Smart buyers that don’t have a specific city should be doing that.  Can you get a bigger house or nicer house in a different city for the same price?  With the low interest rates and the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit it is a good time to buy.

So if you are looking for the biggest bang for the buck in housing give me a call.  I myself bought a black Chrysler 300 2008 with 48 miles on it.  About $10,000 off list price for a later model.  That works in the housing industry too.

Russ Ravary Your metro Detroit Real estate specialist 

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