Boy we had a couple of great days

The rain is coming but the last two days in Metro Detroit have been beautiful.  There was a slight breeze today.  Yesterday I played hookie.  I worked in the morning but it was so nice I called my friend Howard and asked him what he was doing.

Howard is an electrician and he has been slow like most of Metro Detroit tradesmen.  He used to do a lot of new home construction.  With most of the new construction housing market in the dumps Howard isn’t working as much as in the past years.  So I called him up because he lives on the lake and I thought it would be a great place to goof off.

So I was out in the White lake area by two o’clock in the afternoon.  I had to help Howard put three heads on a sprinkler system he was putting in.  (I used to be a landscape contractor so that was a quick job)  We did a leisurely ride around the lake.  Did a quick swim as the water was only 67 degrees yet.  I even did a jet ski ride around the lake a few times.  I had a slight run in with a male swan.  He (the father swan) got excited at us as we came out of Howard’s canal.  He was protecting the baby swans.  But I forgot about that when I was taking the wave runner out.

The male swan came after me as I was putt putting along the canal.  (Canals are no wake zones)  He almost got me but I sure created a wake getting away from him.  Then I had to have a fishermen bring his boat into the canal and me come on the far side of the boat and the swan.  So I didn’t get attacked on the way in.

My wife drove out after work and the four of us drove over to the White Lake Inn to have a burger.  There is nothing I love more than sitting in a restaurant on a lake.  It is so relaxing.  I hope you had two great days like I did.

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