When is it the best time to sell your home in South East Michigan?

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If you have been thinking about selling your home and you live in South East Michigan, keep reading. Here you will see when the best time to list your home is, in order to sell swiftly and for top dollar. This is something we all wonder regardless of where we live, listing your home at the best time for the market and also for buyers to get the best viewing experiences, is very important. So if you have been asking yourself….”When is it the best time to sell my home in South East Michigan?”  You will get your answers here.

My first thought is to mention that you should be listing your home anytime after the snow and ice melt, and the trees and grass start to turn green.  Then you have to be ready to close before the start of school.  So if the buyer is doing a mortgage that is about July 15.  So I would say the early birds would be March 1 until July 15th to list your home.

Best time to sell is when the grass is green. Spring and summer.

I would also say having your home listed in December, January, and February are going to be our slowest months for closings.  Simply because the December holidays keep buyers busy, and the cold, snow, and ice during those three winter months keep buyers inside unless they are really dedicated and want to move quick.  Usually those three months are about a 1/3 less in home sales.  People still are buying, and thousands of homes are selling even in those cold winter months.

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Here are the residential home sales for 2016 & 2017 by month in Oakland and Wayne County

2016     2017

Jan  2438     2566

Feb  2421     2475

Mar  3361     3257

Apr  3287     3277

May 3786     3628

Jun  4292     4186

What is the value of your home?

July  3731     3662

Aug  4148     4128

Sept 3674     3735

Oct   3670     3527

Nov   3263     3200

Dec   2900     3192

Winter during the cold months is the slowest homes sales times

So if you look at the past 2 years January & February sales are the lowest.  Part of that is because inventory is low at that time too, but the weather and holidays have a lot to do with it. Then sales creep up until June which is the best month, then a little slowdown in July and then another big month in August.  Then home sales numbers start to drop off  until December.  Partly because people with kids in school are hanging tight and also a little lower home inventory.  Usually in the winter we will see prices drop a little no matter if it is a seller’s market or a buyers market.  That is caused by the weather and the other reason is homes that have sat on the market too long.  Some sellers start listing their home way to high and refuse to drop until it has sat on the market for months.  Then buyers bring a lower offer when the home has sat that long.  That is the importance of pricing your home right in the beginning.  You do not want to chase the market down.

Homes sell all year round.  There are always new homes coming on the market because there are divorces, deaths, and relocations where the sellers have to move.

I hope this has answer your question of when is the best time to list your Metro Detroit home.  If you have questions about selling your home or would like to talk about possibly listing your home give me a call at 9248)310-6239 or email me at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com

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