Be a honest man Rashid Khan

In the real estate world we sometimes lose clients.  Sometimes there is personality difference or the client decides not to buy.  But what I request from clients is loyalty.  If I take my time out to work to find you a home, I want to get paid for my work, time, and gas.  If you want to use multiple real estate agents don’t use me.  It’s just common courtesy.  I don’t expect you to work for free or want to waste your time.  I just expect the same.  Here is a story of a client I believe is a jerk and unethical.

In my opinion Rashid Khan isn’t a person I would trust much.  You see I took him out looking at homes for the last few months.  Sadly today I found out he couldn’t even tell the truth in a email.  You see it wasn’t that he wasn’t loyal to somebody that spent a lot of time helping find a home.  It was that he didn’t have the common courtesy to tell the truth even in a email.  He wasn’t man enough.

I actually feel sorry for his employers.  Would he be lying to them like he did to me?  What about Maria his fiancee?  How much truth will he be telling her?  You see last week Rashid sent me this email.

Hi Russ,

Hope everything is well. Maria and I are deciding to stop our house search since it is getting really close to our wedding date and we are getting hectic with arranging things and we also have to fly out of town for week or two which will give us even more less time to see homes and make a decsion. Also it is getting harder to find the home and deadline being so close we didn’t want to rush into anything and just concentrate on wedding first and then home. We want to thank you for all of your efforts and time for showing us the homes and giving us the wisdom on what to look for in a home. When we are back in the market to look at homes we will sure to give you a call first. Again thank you for everything. I can go ahead and have my bank cancel the check that I gave you for Earnest money.

Thank You,


I was extremely nice and replied back.

I understand completely.  I was amazed that you had the time to look with the wedding coming up.  To save you money I can either shred the check or mail it back to you.  I don’t want to have you spend money on a cancellation fee.

May you and Maria have a great wedding and until we meet again may life treat you both well.


Unfortunately Rashid wasn’t telling the truth.  You see he had signed a purchase agreement with another agent.   He had wasted my time.  I had taken the time to pull comparables, take him out showing houses, and he didn’t have the common courtesy to tell the truth.

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