Average rainfall in Metro Detroit area

Michigan relocation information

If you are moving to Michigan and are looking to buy a home in the Detroit suburbs here is some general information about Metro Detroit.

Michigan Average April weather

  •  Record Metro Detroit low temperature in April                    15 degrees
  •  Record Metro Detroit high temperature in April                   90 degrees
  •  Average April high temperature for Metro Detroit                57 degrees
  •  average April low temperature for metro Detroit                 38 degrees
  • average April mean temperature for Detroit Michigan       48 degrees
  • The average April rainfall for Metro Detroit MI                       3.0 inches
  • Average yearly rainfall for Detroit Michigan                          32.23 inches

Michigan sometimes has wild weather changes.  We can get snow flakes falling in April but it usually melts when it hits the ground.  Or if the snow sticks it will be gone for the next day.    We have a saying in Michigan about the weather  “wait a minute it will change”.  This morning it was beautiful sunny and this afternoon it’s dark, windy and pouring rain.  This month we have gone from 45 degree weather one day to 80 degree weather the next.

But the saying April showers bring May flowers is very true here in Metro Detroit and in Michigan.

I hope all this Metro Detroit relocation information helps you.  If you have any questions about Metro Detroit and Detroit’s suburbs feel free to pick up the phone and call me on my cell (248)310-6239.

Russ Ravary your Metro Detroit real estate agent

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