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In Dearborn Michigan we have one of the largest populations of Arabic people in the United States.  Dearborn is one of Metro Detroit’s suburbs that is just west of the city limits.   Dearborn is a great vibrant city that has rebounded from an city that was once known as a racist city into a diverse multi cultural city.  Dearborn’s downtown is located on Michigan Avenue though there are stores located on Warren, Ford, and Michigan Avenue.  Almost every major chain is located in Dearbron,  There is Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Kohl, Sears.  Fairlane Town Center is a large mall located at Michigan Avenue and Southfield Rd.  In East Dearborn there are many Arabic stores, bakeries, and restaurants.

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What I have learned from working with the Arabic community is that they have great food, very family orientated, and adopt you like family once you earn their trust.  Extended families live together and take care of each other.  I have been invited to dinners where I didn’t know what I was eating.  I had never eaten some of the different types of food.  My clients opened my eyes to their customs, and the delicious foods that they were accustomed to eating.  They have been a positive eating influence on me and I believe helped me gain five pounds.  Being a meat and potato person it is hard to imagine that I like hommous (hummus) and tabouli (taboli).  It seems I eat a lot of meals with my clients at their invitation.  I love it because you learn more about the family.

I’m not a pushy Realtor.  I don’t mind looking at a “few more houses” if you are unsure whether “this house is the right house”.  I’m not afraid of pointing out a major cost that you may not be aware of when buying a home.  I want my clients to be happy with their house in the long run.  I don’t need to sell you a house today, we will find you a house that fits your families’ needs and budget.

Here is a testimonial from a client that switched from buying a Dearborn home for themselves to a small investment property.  Some real estate agents would have pooh-poohed the idea of buying a $23,000 investment property versus a $150,000 house.  But it was a great deal for the client and it made financial sense for them to buy the investment property first before they bought their new home.


My husband and I had a really bad impression about real estate agents until we met Russ Ravary. We had several real estate agents that were pushy when we were looking a t Dearborn Real Estate. They wanted us to buy any Dearborn home to make their commission. But Russ was different. Not only is Russ honest but he is trustworthy, knowledgeable and very patient. He walked us through the buying and mortgage process thoroughly and gave us wonderful advice about when and when not to buy. He has a very genuine personality and he truly loves helping people make the right choices. We know that Russ is not the type of Michigan Realtor to try make a quick sale and move on. Russ makes the effort to know and understand his clients on a personal level. He does everything in his power to help meet the needs of his clients and we sure our thankful for that. If anyone is looking for an intelligent and professional Realtor, Russ is the man!
Thank you,
Ahmed and Nagat

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