Are you ready to sell your Canton Township home?

Are you ready to sell your Canton Township home?



When I come into your home I can help you get ready to sell your Canton Township home!  It’s not that I am perfect or a know it all.  But as a real estate agent I see a lot of homes in a week.  I have seen young kids walk into a home and say what’s that smell?  I have seen shag carpet from the 1970’s that could have been replaced for a few hundred dollars.  I have seen homes so cluttered you couldn’t see the walls.  I have seen a lot of bad homes.  I honestly don’t want to be the real estate agent for one of those homes.

It’s not unusual for me to be on the road looking at homes all day with buyers or on listing appointments.  I have had many a day going 10 hours looking at Livonia real estate, Novi Condos, Farmington Hills real estate, and Oakland County water front property.

Homes for sale in Canton MI $400,000 - $600,000

I see how home buyers react to wallpaper, smelly houses, stained carpeting, or cluttered homes.  Sure you may love your home’s exterior painted peach, (Yes I saw one of those two weeks ago) but you are reducing the number of buyers that will even consider your home.  I see home buyers run out of houses, I see them cross off a house because of a simple correctable item.  The seller didn’t take the time or spend the money to correct something simple and the buyer disliked it for the same reason.

Some Metro Detroit home sellers don’t have the money to the repairs.  I have had a single mother that was barely scrapping by….she couldn’t afford to do anything.  I have had older sellers in their 80’s that could barely take care of themselves let alone deal with the stress of selling their life long  home.  They physically could not do any repairs, and it was beyond them to hire somebody.  Just too stressful.  But some people are capable of getting their home ready to sell.

It is a partnership between you and I to get your home sold for the highest price possible and as quick as possible.  I like to walk through your home and help you stage your home.  Sometimes it’s a simple as repainting a room, making the house more spacious, but sometimes it’s a list of 10 items.

The more you can do the better.  It will help you sell your Canton Twp home quicker and help you get a better price.  So don’t get mad at me when I say you should do certain repairs.  I just want you to get the best possible price.  My goal is to get your home sold!

It doesn’t matter whether it is Canton Township real estate, or West Bloomfield real estate getting your home ready to sell can be less stressful if you plan ahead.  So feel free to call me or email me to set up a time to walk through your home.

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