Another successful day

Today we closed on my neighbors daughter’s Livonia Condo.  It’s a good feeling.  In the last two months I have helped my next door neighbor’s son buy a Farmington hills home and the neighbors behind me daughter buy a Livonia condo.  Neither deal was easy.  The one bank took forever to get signed documents to us.  The bank even passed their own deadline.  It was a foreclosure but for some reason they were in no rush to get the paperwork for us.

This last one was even a bigger challenge the bank that did the mortgage was in chaos.  They didn’t get the appraisal reviewed until 5 days before the closing.  Then the Livonia condo didn’t appraise.  It would have been easier to solve the issue of the low appraisal two weeks earlier.  But the bank had the loan for 40 days and for some reason the appraisal was done back on May 27.  So why did it take them so long to tell us.

But we overcame the problem and got the condo deal closed.  My neighbors kids are both in nice homes and everybody is happy.  It’s a good day in the neighborhood!

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