Another sad story in Metro Detroit

There are some tough times here in Metro Detroit.  I know a lot of people that have been laid off because of Metro Detroit’s economy.  One of my friend’s worked for Ford Motor Company for 22 years.  He was an engineering manager and when the times got tough Ford Motor cut back on the high priced employees and kept the lower cost employees.  Smart move to keep the company alive but the human cost is terrible.

My friend had planned to retire with Ford Motor.  He had nothing but good to say about the company when he worked there.  Now not so much.  I myself won’t be surprised to see him in the future driving a foreign car after the way he was treated.  He had a young daughter in college.  He was getting his own master degree when he was let go.

His whole life is in a turmoil.  He had a good job,  a secure future and now it is all upside down.  He is having to look outside of the state for work.  He is most likely going to have to take a 30 to 40% paycut.  He is going to have to sell his house at a loss.  All his life he did the right thing.  Saved and worked hard.  But it hasn’t helped him much.  The economy and the housing decline has turned his life upside down.

It is tough to be in your mid-forties or mid-fifties and having to start over.  To have to re-invent yourself.  To have to plan and start saving for your future all over again.  I feel bad for him and all the other people that have been hurt in these troubled times.  I wish I could do a little more for him and his family.  I wish I had a job right here in Detroit for him.   Let’s pray times get better here in Detroit.



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