A tip to Metro Detroit foreclosure buyers

A tip to Metro Detroit foreclosure buyers


Here is my latest tip to Metro Detroit foreclosure buyers.  It’s sad it has come to this but recently this happened to my client.  My client bought a Dearborn Heights foreclosure early in June.  As with most REO/ foreclosure listing agents this listing agent shifted the responsibility of getting the last water bill to the buyer.  Normally the seller has money held as a water escrow.  The title company is responsible for providing with clear title.  So the water bill escrow is held by the title company until the final bill is paid by the seller or by the title company.

When buying Metro Detroit foreclosures you usually are required to sign a waiver of responsibility.  The listing broker makes buyers sign the waiver stating that the buyer is responsible for getting the final water bill.  The waiver says that the buyer doesn’t hold the listing agent responsible for the water bill if they don’t get it to the listing agent within 30 days of closing.

Then the title company continues the shirking of their responsibility by making the buyer sign another waiver about the water bill.  So it rest solely on the Metro Detroit foreclosure buyer to get the water bill and deliver it to the listing agent.

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Well back to my story.  I had driven my clients to the closing and on the way back we stopped at the listing agents office.  The wife ran in and dropped off the water bill.  Well two months went by and no check.  She called the office and the lady in the office said the “check was in the mail”.  The check never came.  They called the office again in November.  The lady in the office now said they had no record of it.  My client faxed it over again.  The lady said she would have a check in a couple of weeks.

Then my client called me a week ago.  I emailed my contact at the listing agents office and the agent/broker.  No response.  Yesterday I emailed the broker again.  We went back and forth about the problem.  He basically said he wasn’t going to pay it.  He said my clients never delivered it, even though I was there.  He said if we had proof that we delivered the water bill to them, then he would pay it.

So here is my moral of the story.  When you deliver your water bill to the listing agent be sure to make a second copy and have them sign for it.  It’s sad to say it has come this.

But I don’t want you to be responsible for the water bill.  Let’s make sure the listing agent gets it paid and you are off the hook.

I hope this Metro Detroit foreclosure buyer tip helps you when you buy a new home.

Russ Ravary

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